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4/18/14: Changed the dates of the Stevens Creek 50K & Hunter S. Thompson.
4/18/14: Denise Bourassa signs up for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ (thanks, Steve!).
4/16/14: Splits from the Lake Sonoma 50 are now available (bottom of page). Thanks, TJ!
4/14/14: Shifted the dates of 27 weekend misc. ultras. Too busy @ TMMC for anything else!
4/13/14: Amy, Dave & Jimmy Dean declare their intents to finish the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ (thanks, Steve!). We're up to 20, so far ...
4/13/14: The sixth Lake Sonoma 50 is successfully over! Kudos to TJ, Lisa & a super team!
4/9/14: Shifted the dates of 28 weekend misc. ultras. Too busy @ TMMC for anything else!
4/4/14: Added Sarah Duffy as an Alaska Slam entrant (thanks, Houston!).
4/4/14: Replaced my SF Bay Area Fat Ass page with a link to Keith Blom's (thanks, Keith!).
4/1/14: Shifted the dates of 27 weekend misc. ultras and updated my web traffic stats.
3/30/14: The Cajun Coyote 100 is now a Forge Racing event (thanks, Jakob!).
3/24/14: We have a 2014 date for the Green Lakes 50k/100k: August 23 (thanks, Tim!).
3/23/14: Shifted the dates of 32 weekend misc. ultras.
3/23/14: Added a link to Jay Donosky's 2013 Grand Slam report (thanks, Jay!).
3/16/14: Shifted the dates of 16 weekend misc. ultras and more of the June ultras (from 2013 dates to 2014 dates).
3/15/14: Added this year's dates (and a corrected URL) for eleven(11) 100-mile ultras (as always, thanks, Irv!).
3/15/14: Carl Tippets declares his intent to finish the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ (thanks, Steve!). Still have 13 names pending ...
3/14/14: The May 10th Gold Rush has added a 50k to their 100k (thanks, Bill!).
3/11/14: Shifted the dates of 27 June 2013 misc. ultras to the 2014 dates.
3/10/14: Added the Honey Badger 100 and a link to the Kansas Grand Slam (thanks, Eric!).
3/10/14: Shifted the dates of 15 weekend misc. ultras.
3/7/14: Added Stephen England's home page (thanks, Stephen!).
3/4/14: Lovely name: the August 2-3 Lake of Death 12hr/24hr trail/road race (thanks, Trevor!).
3/3/14: Shifted the dates of 14 weekend misc. ultras and the remainder of the May ultras.
3/3/14: Added a new 100 miler (and 100Km) in No. Carolina, the Uwharrie 100 in October (thanks, Dan!).
3/2/14: Tried to update all the misc. ultras in the May UR issue.
2/28/14: Please join my friend Glenn at his Robinson Flat 50k (or 35k) on September 7 (thanks, GC!).
2/28/14: Yay! Andy Kumeda declares his intent to finish the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ (thanks, Steve!).
2/28/14: Added the tBunk 100 and their other 2014 dates (thanks, Ethan!).
2/25/14: Added four Colorado events from Ever Run Racing, including the Crawford 100 (thanks, Charles!).
2/24/14: Added a link to Ann Trason Coaching at the top of the Coaching & Camps section.
2/24/14: Shifted the dates of 17 weekend misc. ultras and several May ultras.
2/22/14: Yikes! Five new Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ entrants (thanks, Steve!).
2/18/14: Added this year's dates for eleven(11) 100-mile ultras (thanks, Irv!).
2/18/14: Removed the Labor of Love 100 and Philadelphia 100, as they seem to have no 2014 dates.
2/18/14: Added a 6hr/12hr ultra on Vancouver Island: the June 7th Nanaimo Ultramarathon (thanks, Matthew!).
2/17/14: Shifted the dates of 21 weekend misc. ultras and several April events.
2/14/14: Added an ultra in Japan, the August 23rd Hakusan Geotrail: 250km stage race (thanks, Takeshi!).
2/12/14: Added another 100 in Alaska, the Sluice Box 100, part of the Alaska Slam!
2/10/14: Shifted the dates of 14 weekend misc. ultras and added the 2014 dates for the Badger Mt. & Ft. Clinch 100s.
2/7/14: Added this year's dates (12/20-21/14) for the Ancient Oaks 100 (thanks, Mike!).
2/4/14: Added three more North Face Endurance venues: Ontario, Wisconsin & California (thanks, Jeff!).
2/4/14: Having finished the HURT 100 (again), Mike Smith decides that the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ in his next challenge (thanks, Steve!).
2/2/14: Mark your calendars: September 6, the inaugural Overlook Endurance Runs, c/o Ann Trason (thanks, Steve!).
2/2/14: Used the fantastic calendar on UltraRunning.com to merge their 427 lines with mine (thanks, Karl!).
2/1/14: February already? Time to fix the Headwaters Ultra link and date (thanks, Steve!).
1/30/14: Posted the 2014 H.U.R.T. 100 splits (thanks, Ted!).
1/29/14: Unveiling of the new Miwok web site (thanks, Arno & Tia!).
1/28/14: Belatedly added the Not Yo Momma's 100 in Ohio (thanks, John & Rob!).
1/27/14: Shifted the dates of 29 weekend ultras and added the Cloudsplitter 100 in Kentucky (thanks, Susan!).
1/24/14: Shifted the date of the Old Goats to March 22 (thanks, Diana!).
1/24/14: Shifted the date of the Skyline from 8/10 to 8/3 (thanks, Adam!).
1/24/14: At last: a Californian signs up for the 2014 Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™: Jakob Herrmann (thanks, Steve!).
1/24/14: Added another 100 in Arizona, the Grand Canyon 100, from Ultra Adventures (thanks, Tim!).
1/24/14: Added a link on my home page to Tim Long's podcast, Elevation Trail (thanks, Tim!).
1/24/14: Added Zsuzsanna Carlson as the eighth person (& second woman) to sign up for the 2014 Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ (thanks, Steve!).
1/24/14: The first of many post-HURT updates: added a link (under "Other Links") to Myles Smythe's Michigan Bluff Photography.
1/20/14: The 14th H.U.R.T. 100 has ended! Now, off to the best part: the banquet (thanks, Jeff, John & PJ!).
1/18/14: Added five more people to the 2014 Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™, including the original Slammer, Tom Green (thanks, Steve!).
1/18/14: Shifted the date of the Stone Cat Ale, a great fall 50 in New England to 11/8 (thanks, Marty!).
1/15/14: Corrected a broken link on the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ page (thanks, Tim!) while waiting for my flight to HURT.
1/13/14: Added Brad Bishop as the second person to sign up for the 2014 Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ (thanks, Steve!).
1/13/14: Shifted the dates of 10 weekend ultras, my last update before I get back from the HURT 100.
1/13/14: Added the June 28 Kaniksu 50m (thanks, Glenn!).
1/12/14: Added the 2014 Steatopygous Quinquamillia stats: 2 finishers (thanks, Keith!).
1/10/14: Updated the Miwok entrants list (thanks, Tia!).
1/9/14: Added the 2014 dates of the Lake McMurtry, Pumpkin Holler & Turkey and TATURS events (thanks, Ken!).
1/7/14: Added a link (under "Ultra Slams & Series") to the San Diego Ultra Slam: consisting of a 50K, 50M, 100K and 100M.
1/7/14: Added the 2014 date of the Viaduct 100 (thanks, Carl!).
1/6/14: Shifted the dates of 13 weekend ultras.
1/2/14: Changed the Mayapple to May 31 and added the Puerto Rico 150 on February 1 (thanks, Luigi!).
1/1/14: Changed the Pocatello 50 to the Scout Mountain Ultra Trail(SMUT) on June 7 (thanks, Luke!).
1/1/14: Happy New Year! Added the December web usage stats.

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