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2/20/17: Very happy to report that the Old Dominion 100 is again part of the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ (thanks, Steve!).
2/20/17: Added a link to the new Tommy Nielesen Coaching site, under "Coaching & Camps" (thanks, Tom!).
2/20/17: Stuck indoors on another rainy day, I finally updated some 2016 ultras to their 2017 dates.
2/14/17: Added a temporary link to Tom Nielesen Coaching, under "Coaching & Camps" (thanks, Tom!).
2/13/17: Moved the NUT 100K & 50K to August 19, 2017 (thanks, Renee!).
2/11/17: FINALLY managed to use the 20+ 100-miler updates from Mr. Nielsen (thanks, Irv!).
2/5/17: Added the Red Dirt 100 Ultras in February in Louisiana (thanks, Edie!).
2/5/17: Added the Canal Corridor 100 in July in Ohio (thanks, Roy!).
2/4/17: Still fighting the flu, but I shifted some miscellaneous ultras.
2/3/17: Had to remove one Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ entrant, since Leadville wouldn't permit conditional entry (sorry, Matt!).
2/2/17: Added Phil Sanderson as the 14th Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ entrant (thanks, Steve!).
1/28/17: Added the High Lonesome 100 in July (thanks, Zach!).
1/27/17: Added one more Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ entrant (thanks, Steve!).
1/26/17: Added the Lumberjack 100 in April (thanks, Keith!).
1/22/17: Still recovering from a post- HURT 100 cold, but tried to shift some event dates (sorry!).
1/21/17: Added the HURT 100 results and splits (thanks, John & PJ!).
1/17/17: Added two more Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ entrants (thanks, Steve!).
1/16/17: Posted the HURT 100 finish stats (thanks, John & PJ!).
1/9/17: Added the 2017 Grand Mesa 100 dates and elevation change (thanks, Scott!).
1/8/17: Shifted the Kodiak 100 from September to August (thanks, Matt!).
1/5/17: Added three more Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ entrants (thanks, Steve!).
1/4/17: The entry form is posted and we have seven Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ entrants (thanks, Steve!).
1/3/17: Added the date (10/7/17) for the Willamette Headwaters Enurance Event (thanks, Mark!).
1/2/17: Updated the dates for the Pony Express 100 (thanks, Mark!).
1/1/17: Happy New Year! Added the December web usage stats.

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