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2/14/19: Posted the results from the 40th Epiphany Ultra (thanks, Adam!).
2/11/19: We now have 20 entrants for the 2019 Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ (thanks, Steve!).
2/10/19: Quiet, rainy day in Pacifica, so I'm trying to update my list of miscellaneous ultras (additions/corrections always welcome!).
2/8/19: Corrected the Lean Horse 100 cutoff and entered the four events of the Sisyphus Ultra Challenge on April 12 (thanks, Marshall!).
2/7/19: Entered the 2019 dates for nine of Troy's California Trail Runs (thanks, Carina!).
2/6/19: Fixed the Bay Ridge / Dick Collins' Firetrails link (thanks, Keith!).
2/4/19: Under "Clubs": corrected the Folsom Trail Runners and added the Trail Running Adventures (thanks, Carina & Matt!).
2/3/19: Added the 2019 date of the Mighty Quail Trail 100k in Penticton: September 28 (thanks, Stacey!).
2/2/19: Changes to five of the 100-milers (thanks, Irv!).
2/1/19: Shifted the Fiesta Grande Day 100 from December to April (thanks, Marshall!).
1/31/19: Keith Straw signs up for his fifth 2019 Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ finish (thanks, Steve!).
1/28/19: Added the first 2019 Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ hopefuls (thanks, Steve!).
1/24/19: Added the St. Louis Ultrarunners Group (SLUGs) (thanks, Jen!).
1/23/19: Added the September 28-29 Urban Adventure 100 (thanks, Kathy!).
1/20/19: Thanks for everyone who helped make the 19th HURT 100 possible (thanks, Jeff, John & PJ!).
1/13/19: Two days away from heading to the 19th HURT 100 (thanks, John & PJ!).
1/12/19: Added the May 4 Twilight Zone 24hr in Michigan (thanks, Tim!).
1/10/19: Thanks for letting me know that the Miami 100 is in "(FL)" and not "(CA)" (thanks, Josam!).
1/7/19: Added the May 3-5 Knock on Wood 100 (thanks, Beth!).
1/6/19: Added the January 19 Dead Truck 50k in Auburn (thanks, Martin!).
1/4/19: Used the Dec/Jan issue of UltraRunning to make some updates (thanks, Karl & Amy!).
1/3/19: Added the Charleston 100.
1/1/19: Happy New Year! Added the December web usage stats.

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