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1/31/15: Updated the Pine Creek Challenge dates to September 12-13 (thanks, Jean!).
1/30/15: Wow! Went to a suprise party at the San Francisco Running Company for my friend, Karl Hoagland, publisher of UltraRunning magazine. Erika had solicited video clips from his friends all over and it was great to see how many lives he's touched. Good luck at States, my friend!
1/29/15: Corrected two grievous omissions on my home page: add VHTRC and The Beast Series (thanks, Erik!).
1/27/15: Shifted the dates of the 13 misc. ultras held during the last week.
1/26/15: Added Scott Johnson's podcast, Ultrafinishers, about regular Joes/Janes.
1/25/15: Added Susan Donnelly's milestone: 200 ultras!
1/23/15: Added the 2015 results & splits for the HURT 100 (thanks, Jeff, John & PJ!).
1/20/15: Added the first two Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ hopefuls: Craig & David (thanks, Steve!).
1/20/15: Updated the Santa Barbara 100 start date to July 10, since they do give you 48 hours (thanks, Jakob!).
1/18/15: Started adding the 2015 stats of the HURT 100 and the 2016 dates (thanks, John & PJ!).
1/14/15: Added the 2015 dates of the Hakusan Geotrail 250km stage race: August 22-28 (thanks, Takeshi!).
1/13/15: Added the 2015 date of the Barkerville events: May 17 (thanks, Stacy!).
1/12/15: Shifted the dates of the 10 misc. ultras held during the last week and started packing for the HURT 100.
1/9/15: Updated the Kodiak 100 URL: it's now "http://www.Kodiak100UltraMarathon.com/" (thanks, Matt!).
1/5/15: Added the 2015 date of the Hell Hath No Hurry: June 27 (thanks, Peter!).
1/4/15: Shifted the dates of the 21 misc. ultras held during the last week.
1/3/15: Added the 2015 application for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning™ (thanks, Steve!).
1/2/15: Added the 2015 Thunder Rock 100 dates (thanks, Irv!).
1/1/15: Happy New Year! Added the December web usage stats.

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