Hawaiian Ultra Running Team (HURT)

HURT was registered as a non-profit corporation in approximately 1991 with the state dept. of commerce & consumer affairs. The name is also registered with the state of Hawaii and thus, protected. As a matter of fact, Carl Gammon was the one who came up with the idea.

John Salmonson is the boss and the following people are the charter members listed in the documents: John & PJ Salmonson, Richard & Berna Senelly, Randy & Priscilla Havre, Alan & Vivian Nozaki, Vernon Char, Jim Budde, Ed Fishman, Milicent Schatz, Nancy Au, Bill & Sandra Burgess, Carl Gammon and Suzi Cope (then Thibeault).

The executive committee is: John Salmonson, Richard Senelly and Randy Havre.

This structure and registered membership still exists today.

John Salmonson is the founder, leader, supplier of the shirts, the only authorized distributor of the shirts and more than anything else, our "GURU". Since I don't have Big John's picture, this is one of his wife, PJ Salmonson with me on the Kalalau Trail.

The Hawaiian Ultra Running Team (HURT) today includes (but is not limited to) ...

akabill Molmen, Alan Nozaki, Berna Senelly, Bill Burgess, Carl Gammon, Cilla Havre, Collette Haney, Don Fallis, Ed Fishman, Frank Pugliese, Gordon Bright, Greg Cuadra, Greg Pirkl, Jackie Odre, Jeff Huff, Jim Budde, John Salmonson, Lyman Perry, Mike Garcia, Milicent Schatz, Nancy Au, PJ Salmonson, Patricia Carroll, Randy Havre, Richard China, Richard Senelly, Sandra Burgess, Vernon Char, Vivian Nozaki

... and a few members not currently residing in Hawaii:

Tropical John Medinger, Stan Jensen, Suzi Cope

Some ultras in the state of Hawaii (and their approximate dates):

H.U.R.T. Trail 100m, 1/13-14/07 (race info)
Haleakala Run to the Sun 36m, 3/25/06
Saddle Road 100k, 4/?/05
Tantalus Triple Trek 50k, 9/2/06
Hogsback 12hr, 10/14/06
Molokai 100k, 11/6/04

and there's always the Kalalau Trail on Kauai ...

HURT web site

"http://www.Run100s.com/HURT/index.htm" (updated: 7/30/07) StanJ@Run100s.com