1998 Photo Album

These are a couple of miscellaneous photos from various ultra-related activities:

Catalina 100k / Leadville 100m / Old Dominion 100m / Quad Dipsea 28.4m / Umstead 50m/100m / Vermont 100m / Western States 100m

September 13, 1998
Wasatch Front 100m
Me untying Dot Helling's shoes
November 28, 1998
Quad Dipsea 28.4m
RD John Medinger and me
July 18, 1998
Vermont 100m
Stan, Marge Hickman and Kevin Sayers
August 19, 1998
Leadville Trail 100m
Me and Kevin Sayers at packet stuffing
July 17, 1998
Vermont 100m
Three of The Last Great Racers:
Gene Weddle, Burgess Harmer and me
July 19, 1998
Vermont 100m
Kevin Sayers and me
June 28, 1998
Western States 100m
Me and pacer Steve Reagan (green shirt)
Green Gate, mile 79.8, 5:15am
June 28, 1998
Western States 100m
Fresh set of legs
Hwy 49, mile 93.5, 9:15am
June 27, 1998
Western States 100m
Mike Hernandez and ? of the
"Snow Patrol"
June 27, 1998
Western States 100m
My sister (Trudy), John Rhodes and me
Foresthill, mile 62.0, 10:55pm
June 7, 1998
Old Dominion 100m
Finishing the first of six 100s
June 27, 1998
Western States 100m
Near mile 15
April 4, 1998
Umstead "90m"
Early in the day (lap 4?)
May 9, 1998
Quicksilver 50k
Another happy finish
March 14, 1998
Way Too Cool 50k
Bill Roehr and I enjoying springtime on the trails
March 28, 1998
James Howard, me and Hartmut Franck work on the WS trail in Volcano Canyon (in the snow!)

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