Old Dominion '98 Photo Album

Photos taken at the June 6-7, 1998 Old Dominion 100 Miler near Woodstock, Virginia.
(All photos taken by able crewperson Jim Griswold.)
Read a detailed report of the race course and aid stations.
David Horton's photos

My sister, Trudy, and me at the 4am start. 770/758 aid station (mile 19.6) @ 7:45am.
Roger Ackerman's crew vehicle. 803/678 aid station (mile 22.7) @ 8:50am.
Running along 678 (paved) toward Four Points. Four Points #1 (mile 32.6) @10:20am.
Me arriving at Four Points. First medical check (weigh-in).
Ray Gruenwald getting rehydrated before leaving Four Points. Peyton Robinson and me returning to Four Points #2 (mile 47.7) @ 2:00pm.
Gene Weddle, running his first of six 100s in four months! Bill Andrews changing bladder packs.
Peyton and I leaving Edinburg Gap (mile 46.6) @ 4:15pm. Neil Hewitt, Tyler Curiel and Matt Anderson reach Little Fort.
Peyton and I arrive at Little Fort (mile 64.3) @ 6:35pm Peyton works on his feet (a frequent activity).
Me finally approaching Water St. (mile 97.4) @ 6:25am. Crossing the finish line (mile 100.1) at 7:14am.
One down, three to go!

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