John Muir Trail

Report by Tim Twietmeyer on his 1992 adventure (105KB Word file).

The following 5-part series was written by Clem LaCava from Corvallis, Oregon who offers the following advice for those considering fastpacking the John Muir Trail, based on his experience (8/2-9/97):

# 1: Prelude
# 2: Training, Planning, Equipment (Food/Water)
# 3: Day One
# 4: Days Two & Three
# 5: Days Four - Seven?

Full report (11 page Acrobat file, 55 KBytes)

Full report (11 page text file, 52 KBytes)

Report by Blake Wood on his 8/9-13/98 adventure.

Report by Buzz Burrell on his 7/31-8/5/00 trip w/Peter Bakwin: Part 1 and Part 2
Report by Peter Bakwin on his 7/31-8/5/00 trip w/Buzz Burrell: report and his food/gear list
The PCT web page for the JMT.

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