Zane Grey Highline Trail Photo Album

Photos taken at the April 24, 1999 Zane Grey Highline Trail 51m near Payson, Arizona (about 90 min. NE of Phoenix). Read a detailed report of the race course. My splits for a 13:33 finish.
Look at photos taken by Andrea Feucht during the 4/29/00 event.

Frozen Ed Furtaw climbing the first stretch Following a small pack
(Note that the brush grows close to the trail)
Ed and Ron Barrett reach Aid Sta. #1 (mile 7.7; 6:45am)
(Note the diamond on tree above Ed's hand)
Ed descends one of the smoother trails
(Note the rock cairn to his left)
Peggy Dennis before the burn area
(Note rock cairn in right foreground and pink ribbon on left)
Ron Barrett works through the forest
(Note the diamond on the fallen tree)
Looking back at Aid Sta. #3 (mile 24.9; 10:45am) Following Joe Galope (in red, on right)
through the grassy secondary growth
Ken Greco follows Joe Galope Ron Barrett crosses Tonto Creek after Aid Sta. #4 (mile 33.2; 1:15pm) (Rock cairn on left side)
One of MANY rocky sections, both uphill and downhill (Can you spot the diamond on the left?) A pine needle covered section through the forest (See, there are a few easy/scenic stretches)

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