These photos were taken by Cecilia Petersson, a Swedish runner currently living in England

Steve, Joe, Chuck, and Cecilia

5/29/99: Steve Reagan, Joe Walter, Chuck Wilson and Cecilia


5/29/99: nOrm gives a briefing before we head off to the first day's run

Here's Steve!

5/29/99: Steve Reagan, coming down the trail

The Bridge Below Devil's Thumb

5/29/99: The "bouncy" bridge before the climb to Devil's Thumb

Runners on the bridge

5/29/99: Several runners cross the bridge

The Creek

5/29/99: Doesn't this look inviting???

Ta Da!!

5/29/99: "I made it!"

Cecilia on the bridge

5/29/99: Cecilia crosses the bridge

Devil's Thumb

5/29/99: Devil's Thumb "in the flesh"

Let's Eat!!

5/29/99: Yummy!! (This is a "standard" WS-style aid station)

Deadwood Cemetary

5/29/99: "Abandon Hope, all Ye who Run Here (not!)"

WS Trail Sign

5/29/99: The Way

Cecilia Holds Up the Sign

5/29/99: Cecilia holds up the sign

Here Comes Cecilia!

5/29/99: Here comes Cecilia!

Crossing the Log at Volcano Creek

5/29/99: Runners crossing Volcano Creek - "Don't slip"

Follow The Leader!

5/30/99: Follow the Leader!

There Goes Steve

5/30/99: "There goes Steve..."

Cecilia and Steve

5/30/99: Cecilia and Steve

Down By The River ...

5/30/99: "Take me to the River..."

The Forest House

5/30/99: The Forest House Hotel in Foresthill

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