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I started running ultramarathons on April 3, 1993, when I ran the American River 50. I started this web site sometime before May 15, 1995 (that's the earliest record I have), when I was working for Silicon Graphics and selling/supporting web products. Since I retired (OK, I was laid off) on October 13, 1997 I've been operating this web site as a free service to the ultrarunning community (especially the RDs), since I love the sport and the people who are part of it.

Unfortunately, I've been hit hard by the recession (who hasn't) and the sad reality is that I need to get a job and find other sources of income. So, it is with some regret that as of January 1, 2009 I am finally trying what people have told me to do for years: generate income from my web site. I'm still working on the details, but the first phase is to ask people to mail me a donation for whatever they feel is worth to them as a runner (or as an RD). Please send your checks (payable to "Stan Jensen", not, please) to:

Hopefully the button below will let you contribute via PayPal:

Thanks (in reverse chronological order) to: Bob B.(7x), Russell G.(4x), Mike S.(16x), Dan O.(11x), Jean P.(5x), Steve B.(12x), Shiran K.(7x), Anil R.(4x), Anil R.(3x), Steven H.(6x), Rajeev P.(9x), Michele H.(2x), Chihping F.(12x), Samir S.(2x), Mike S.(15x), Russell G.(3x), Dan O.(10x), Anil R.(2x), Steve B.(11x), Jean P.(4x), Shiran K.(6x), John S.(18x), Mike S.(14x), Chihping F.(11x), Mark T.(2x), Dan A.(2x), Samir S., Russell G.(2x), Orly L., Steve B.(10x), Anil R., Jason C.(8x), Shiran K.(5x), Rajeev P.(8x), Brian W., Shiran K.(5x), Gerald T., Chihping F.(10x), Dan O.(9x), Dan A., Mike S.(13x), Troy W., Bogdan D., Chihping F.(9x), Richard B., Laura R.(3x), Hoskvuldur K., John S.(17x), Mike S.(12x), Chihping F.(8x), Russell G., Jeff E., Dan O.(8x), Eric J., Daniel W.(2x), Steve B.(9x), Jason C.(7x), Patty S., Bob B.(6x), Rashmi N., Alan R., Steven H.(5x), John S.(16x), Shiran K.(4x), Bogie D.(1x), Jason C.(6x), Rajeev P.(7x), Karen O., John S.(15x), Chihping F.(7x), Mike S.(11x), Arik C., Jason C.(5x), Dan O.(7x), Michele H., Steve B.(8x), Rajeev P.(6x), John S.(14x), Marshall B, Daniel W., Jean P.(3x), John S.(13x), Mike S.(10x), Chihping F.(6x), Laura R.(2x), Dan O.(6x), Steve B.(7x), Jason C.(4x), Malinda C.(2x), John S.(12x), John S.(11x), Toni A., Chihping F.(5x), Mike S.(9x), Steve J., Dan O.(5x), Robert G.(3x), Steve B.(6x), John S.(10x), Jason C.(3x), Rajeev P.(5x), Steven H.(4x), John S.(9x), Mike S.(8x), Chihping F.(4x), Anna L., Dan O.(4x), Steve B.(5x), Gordy A., John S.(8x), Steven H.(3x), Samantha T., Markus M., Carey S., Malinda C., Anil R.(4x), Bill D.(3x), John S.(7x), Mike S.(7x), Chihping F.(3x), Dan O.(3x), Shiran K.(3x), Jakob H., Steve B.(4x), Kevin K., Bob B.(5x), Jim B., Ivan Z., Rob G., Jason C.(2x), Rebekah D., John S.(6x), Myles S., Bill D.(2x), Mike S.(6x), Jan G., Chihping F.(2x), Dan O.(2x), Keith L., Steven T., Jason C., Charles W., Kay B.(2x), Rajeev P.(4x), Anu S., Anil R.(3x), Seema S.(2x), Blair B., Steven H.(2x), Tim M., Jeff C.(5x), Steve B.(3x), Seema S., Bob B.(4x), Jeff J.(2x), Rajeev P.(3x), Jack K., Eric S., Famida H-W.(4x), Shiran K.(2x), Grae V-H.(2x), Mike S.(5x), John S.(5x), Anon. in Oakland(2x), Dan O., Chihping F., Robert G.(2x), Jeff C.(4x), Andrew K., Steve B.(2x), Matt H., Rajeev P.(2x), Bob & Margie R., Karen P.(2x), Famida H-W.(3x), Barry & Lucinda, Steven H., Anil R.(2x), Peter F., John M.(2x), Mike S.(4x), Anon. in Oakland, John S.(4x), Ana B-L., Grant & Leslie C.(2x), Jeff C.(3x), Ivan Z., Sam P.(2x), Alan G., Jamshid K., Gunnison C., Steve B., Karen P., Rod D., Chip T., Famida H-W.(2x), John S.(3x), Mike S.(3x), Sam P., Bob B.(3x), Jose S., Jeff C.(2x), Andrew K., Robert G., Melissa O., Famida H-W., Bill D., Stephanie G., Kay B., Glenn C., Shiran K., Lina M., Jean P.(2x), Mark T., Mike S.(2x), Robert G., Bill H., Fred R., Mike S., Patricia C., Mike G., John S.(2x), Donn O., Patrick A., John M., Jeff V., Bob B.(2x), Buzz H., Jeff C., Wally H., Keira H., Eldrith G., Laura R., Hao L., Marissa W., Hans D-W., Nicole W., Mike S., Jay & Lisa B., Grae V-H., Alston J.(2x), Bob B., John F., Darshan T., Stephen S., Grant & Leslie C., Jeff J., Leslie A., Rob B., Nattu N., Dana S., Alston J., Jean P., Dennis C., Andy B. & Lori T., Brian H., Rajeev P., Anil R., John S., Brett A. & Jeff H!

If you'd rather provide indirect support, here's a link for making a tax-deductible donation to my favorite charity, The Marine Mammal Center.
If you'd rather send something via US mail:

Stan Jensen, c/o Development Dept.
2000 Bunker Road
Sausalito, CA

Thank you and please let me know what you think!

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