1996 Photo Album

These are a couple of miscellaneous photos from various ultra-related activities:

Angeles Crest 100m
Western States 100m
Wasatch Front 100m

November 16, 1996
Helen Klein Classic 50M
Wally Hesseltine, Rena Schumann & me
November 30, 1996
Quad Dipsea 28.4M
RD John Medinger, me and Tom Winter
August 17, 1996
Cameron Park 50M
w/Terry Cray & John Rhodes
September 22, 1996
Ruck-a-Chuck 50K
Finishing at California St.
August 4, 1996
Skyline 50K
Rena Schumann et moi
August 4, 1996
Big finish at Skyline 50K
77th of 189 in 5:31:41
February 3, 1996
Rocky Racoon 100
Freezing on the first lap
June 14, 1996
WS night training (11:15pm)
Rena "Pacer #3" Schumann
Auburn Lake Trails
(yellow ribbon marks "The Hose")

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