This document highlights the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) and issues about the ULTRA mailing list. It is also available at: http://junior.apk.net/~jurczyk/ultra/minifaq

You can also obtain the document by e-mail by sending a message to: listserv@listserv.dartmouth.edu. In the body of the message put the line: get ultra minifaq

To obtain the complete ULTRA FAQ, send a message to: listserv@listserv.dartmouth.edu. In the body of the message put the line: get ultra faq

What is the ULTRA list ?
The ULTRA list is a mailing list discussion group covering the topic of ultramarathons. An ultramarathon is a footrace which, in general, is longer than a traditional marathon. The ULTRA list is run on LISTSERV software hosted at Dartmouth University. A detailed LISTSERV user's guide is available.

Where do I send messages to be read by the list subscribers?
When you want to send mail to be read by the entire list, send it to the 'posting' address: ultra@listserv.dartmouth.edu

Is that different than the address to change my subscription options?
When you want to do something with your list subscription (unsubscribe, check your options, turn off mail) DO NOT send to the posting address. It won't work, and will annoy everybody. Send subscription requests to the 'listserv' address: listserv@listserv.dartmouth.edu

What if I just need somebody to help me with my subscription?
If you need help, send a message to ultra-request@listserv.dartmouth.edu and one of the listowners will help you.

What kind of messages can I post to the ULTRA list ? What kind can I not post to the ULTRA list ?
In general, almost types of messages are fine. However, remember that your message will be seen by over 1250 subscribers. When replying to a message, consider whether your message will be relevant to the entire group or just the person who originated the message. Types of messages that are not allowed include: flaming of other list subscribers, SPAM, and advertising (except for race announcements).

What types of mail can I send to the list? Is it okay to post web pages, pictures, word processor docs or programs?
Send ONLY text-only e-mail to the list.. Do not send HTML, MIME, uuencoded, word processor or any other non-text files to the ULTRA list. (Note: this often is done by people posting messages with Outlook or Netscape Communicator. See http://junior.apk.net/~jurczyk/mailformat for more details.) Many subscribers read in digest mode (see the next question) or do not have software which allows them to view these non-text messages and the result on their end is garbage. If you want readers to see a web page, post the URL of the web site instead.

There are a lot of messages on the list. How can I cut down on the number of messages that I receive in my mailbox ?
You may want to read the list in digest mode. In digest mode, you'll receive messages in a couple of daily compilations rather than as individual messages . (A digest is compiled after every 1000 lines of messages are sent to the list and once every day at 2PM EST.) To receive messages in digest mode, send a message to: listserv@listserv.dartmouth.edu In the body of the message, put the line: SET ULTRA DIGEST

I want to stop receiving messages temporarily. How do I do this ? To stop receiving list mail temporarily, you can 'go NOMAIL'. To do this, send a message to the listserv address: listserv@listserv.dartmouth.edu with the line SET ULTRA NOMAIL in the body of the message. To start receiving messages again, send another message to the listserv address with the words: SET ULTRA MAIL or: SET ULTRA DIGEST in the body of the message, depending on which mode you prefer.

I want to leave the ULTRA list. How do I do that?
To unsubscribe from the list, send a message to the listserv address. In the body of the message, put the line: unsub ultra

Why did I get set to NOMAIL by one of the listowners? In general, subscribers are set to NOMAIL because messages are failing to be delivered to their mailbox. This could be because their mailbox is full, their mailing address has changed, or there is some temporary or permanent problem with their site. Since each of these 'bounces' generates an error message to the listowner, the listowner will, to keep his mail volume down, set the offending address to NOMAIL soon after it begins to bounce. You can go back to mail or digest mode using the steps outlined above in the question regarding NOMAIL. You can also check your settings on the list by sending a message to the listserv address with the words: query ultra in the body of the message.

When I send one of the above commands or try to post a message to the list, I receive a message back from the listserv address saying that I am not subscribed to the list, even though I know I am. What happened ?
You must send requests to the listserv address from the EXACT address from which you are subscribed to the ULTRA list. (Sometimes your address is changed by your site administrator without telling you.) To see which address(es) are subscribed to the list, send a message to the listserv address with the words: review ultra in the body of the message.

What if I don't want to show up in the list of subscribers?
Send a message to the listserv address with the words: set ultra conceal in the body of the message. Your name and address will then not show up when others perform a review of the list. (Note though that, as of now, only list subscribers are able to do a review of the list.)

How can I see old messages posted to the list ?
Old ULTRA messages are available at: http://listserv.dartmouth.edu/archives/ultra.html There you can search the archives by keyword or date or scan weekly archives of messages. (You can also receive archives by e-mail. See the complete FAQ for more details.)

What other resources are available on the Internet about ultras ?
Some of the more popular ultra-related web sites are:

Who "runs" the list?
While Dartmouth University hosts the list, Dave Combs and Joe Jurczyk are the listowners. They handle administrative requests and take care of technical problems such as bouncing mail. If you have a general question about the list, please send it to ultra-request@listserv.dartmouth.edu and your question will be answered by one of the listowners. Dave and Joe can also be reached by email directly at the following addresses:

Joe Jurczyk - jurczyk@apk.net
Dave Combs - combs@outerharbor.com

If you have suggestions for other topics for the MiniFaq or FAQ, please send them to ultra-request@listserv.dartmouth.edu