UltraListers' Photos

Here are small photos of some of the people who post to the ULTRA list. These photos should be considered personal and confidential and should NOT be used for any commercial purposes or in a manner which might cause problems for the individuals.

Alphabetical by first name:

Ben Holmes

Bill Graney

Bob Metzger

Byron Chikinda

Dan Baglione

Dave Anderson

Dave Combs
(by DC)

David Harper

Don Lundell

Dude Spellings

Fred Dummar

George Miller
(by DC)

Hans Bauer

Jason Howard
(by GH)

Jim Stroup

Joe Jurczyk

John Medinger
(by DC)

Joy Chikinda

Luis Escobar
(by LE)

Lynn David Newton

Pat Wellington

Ray Charbonneau

Rod Dalitz

Rod Hasker

Stan Jensen
(by KB)

Steve Reagan
(by SJ)

Todd Salzer

Vince Gerber

Photo credits: DL(Don Lundell), GH(Gail Howard), KB(Kay/Keith Blom), LE(Luis Escobar), SJ(Stan Jensen)

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