Eric Robinson's Hardrock '97 Photos

Putnam Basin (Roland Martin and Ulli Kamm): aim for saddle and turn right (7/11/97) almost to the saddle above Putnam, looking back toward Silverton (Suzi Thibeault) (7/11/97)
top of first climb (12,500'); Putnam is to right and Porcupine and Cataract to the left (7/11/97) Kamm Traverse (7/11/97)
Kamm Traverse, looking back (Mark Spangler) (7/11/97) old Ice Lake trail (7/11/97)
aiming for Grant Swamp Pass (7/11/97) Grant Swamp Pass: the closer it looks, the slower you go (Ulli Kmm in red shorts) (7/11/97)
marmot (aka 30lb ground squirrel) waiting for summer's scree slopes (7/11/97) last 50 yards of Grant Swamp Pass (at 80% grade), looking back toward Kamm Traverse (7/11/97)
1000' down to Island Lake (7/11/97) the other side of Grant Swamp Pass (7/11/97)
the first snow slope drops about 500' (7/11/97) Oscar's Road, looking back across Chapman Gulch toward Grant Swamp Pass (7/11/97)
Oscar's Road (7/11/97) Oscar's Road (7/11/97)
Oscar's Pass at 13,000' (Suzi Thibeault and PJ Salmonson) (7/11/97) Oscar's Pass (Eric Robinson) (7/11/97)
Oscar's Pass, aim for Wasatch Saddle, just above road (7/11/97) Wasatch Trail (Suzi Thibeault and PJ Salmonson) (7/11/97)
marmot and wildflowers (7/11/97) Wasatch Trail, looking down valley toward Telluride (7/11/97)
Wasatch Trail before Telluride (7/11/97) Eric Robinson at Telluride (7/11/97)

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