Hardrock '97 Photo Album

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Waterfall trail past Cunningham Gulch aid station (7/6/97) PJ Salmonson climbing the switchbacks (7/6/97)
Suzi and Winfield of Leadville (7/6/97) Little Giant Pass (7/6/97)
Looking down into Little Giant Basin (7/6/97) Looking past PJ at Little Giant Pass (7/6/97)
The trail past Arastra Gulch Road (7/6/97) One of several beaver ponds (7/6/97)
Gene Thibeault heads out from Grouse Gulch (7/7/97) Looking down at Grouse Gulch (7/7/97)
Climbing up toward American Basin (7/7/97) Stan, Gene (with Winfield) and Suzi (with Catherine) (7/7/97)
Looking across at Handies Peak (7/7/97)
(compare with same view four days later)
Where the trail leaves Silverton (just below telephone pole) (7/7/97)
Looking from highway toward Bear Creek Trail (7/8/97) PJ, Gene and Suzi at Uncompaghre River crossing (7/8/97)
Gene, Bob and Eileen Dickinson at Arastra Gulch Road junction (7/9/97) Bob, Gene and Eileen (7/13/97)
Suzi, Catherine, Winfield, PJ and Gene at The Mansion (7/13/97) The Bag Balm Bitches: Suzi and PJ (note the earrings!) (7/13/97)
Suzi's Tattooed Team (7/13/97)

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