The Grand Slam of the World

"Four of the world's toughest 100 mile trail races,
over 125,000' of climb and 58,000 frequent flyer miles."



Grand Slammer
of the World

Ultra Trail
Mt. Fuji


Ultra Trail
Mt. Blanc

des Fous

1 2013 Glenn Mackie, 51, TX 30:39:53 32:56:45 35:08:49 42:50:57

To be eligible, people must finish all four of these extreme ultras:

  • Ultra Trail Mt. Fuji - 161km, Japan, April
  • Hardrock - 100miles, Colorado, July
  • Ultra Trail Mt. Blanc - 168km, Chamonix, August
  • Diagonale des Fous - 165km, Réunion Island, October

    within one year, covering 400 miles with 125,000' of elevation climb (in six countries on four continents!). People who finish are listed here as Grand Slammers of the World. This is an informal series (i.e. no application, no award) which was thought up by Glenn Mackie on 12/11/12 and amended on 5/24/13.

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