Catalina '98 Photo Album

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Joe Magruder and Rico Ramirez yield to slower "runners" Looking northwest at the West End (photo by Mike Palmer)
Me taking a breather (buffalo in background) Looking northwest at Two Harbors and the West End
Looking back (south) at Two Harbors as we head to the West End Another view (photo by Mike Palmer)
Joe Magruder spending way too much time at Parson's Landing Trail detours to left to bypass El Nino's handiwork
Looking east from the summit (we ran past cove on the coast) Cameron Wilson, 19, heads downhill to the Isthmus
Joe Magruder returns to the Two Harbors aid station Little Harbor aid station (Gordon Hardman in the distance)
Looking back at where we've been: the West End Leaving Avalon (photo by Mike Palmer)

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