Angeles Crest '96 Photo Album

Read my lengthy "pace report" or compare splits from Mike('96) and Stan('95/'99) or see Skip & Tracey's '95 photos.

Mike Palmer at 3:30am Seymour & Allan Kaplan with Joan Risse
Blakely Hume (only 22!), with Joan, Janice O'Grady, Tom O'Connell, Herman Cohen & Rick Gillespie Mike leaves Inspiration Pt.
(7:10am @ mile 10.8)
Blake Wood w/his parents Chris Scott w/Scott Mills
Mike rests at Vincent Gap
(8:05am @ mile 15.3)
Joan heads up toward Mt. Baden-Powell
The first Tarahumaran gets weighed Those aren't Nikes!
Larry Gassan Blake Wood
Mike arrives at Islip Saddle
(10:55am @ mile 27.4)
Up to Mt. Williamson
Allan Kaplan ?, Kathy Hamilton & Rick Gillespie
Joan Risse Janice O'Grady
Looking back toward Kratka Ridge Eric Robinson at Eagle's Roost
(12:05pm @ mile 31.5)
Waiting at Cloudburst Summit
(2:05pm @ mile 37.9)
Joan heading for Three Points
(3:15pm @ mile 43.1)
Hot food waits at Chilao Rick Kelley w/pacer Julie Arter leave Chilao
Mike's parents and crew Miryam watch Mike do his feet
(5:50pm @ mile 53.2)
Allan's father and brother watch him refuel
Janice with crew/husband Tom and pacer Herman Clem La Cava at Newcomb's Saddle
(10:40pm @ mile 68.3)
Runner at Newcomb's Saddle Bruce Gunter and Gary Wang waiting to pace at Chantry Flats
Chantry Flats, the point of no return
(12:55am @ mile 74.9)
Idlehour Trail
(4:15am @ mile 84.1)
Sam Merrill
(6:45am @ mile 89.6)
Mike Palmer, 43rd finisher in 28:46:39
Pacer Herman leading Janice to her first finish in a long time Rick Gillespie: 11th 100-miler in '96
(two weeks 'til Arkansas Traveler)
Kathy Hamilton and her pacer Ron Perkins Joan and her pacer, Nick Bassett
Joan's leg after 5+ falls Team Palmer

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