From: MatMahoney@AOL.COM
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 1995 12:43:57 -0500
To: ultra@caligari.Dartmouth.EDU
Subject: Re: What's an ultra???

>1.  I would rather qualify for __Boston  __Western States.
Neither.  I prefer low key races like Barkley, the Badwater triple, etc.

>2.  Ten minute miles is __slow  __course record pace.
Who cares about time or distance?

>3.  I carry water purification tablets on my training runs (T/F)__
I don't need to because I've developed a resistance to giardia.

>4.  I carry water purification tablets during races (T/F)__
I don't need to because any water on the course is either frozen solid or
dried up in 120 F heat.

>5.  Courses directions should consist of __signs, arrows, and volunteers __a
>topo map and compass.
Neither.  My best runs are where I've gotten lost and discovered new

>6.  When running I worry more about __cars __rattlesnakes.
Neither, but I've run into alligators and mountain lions (in the same race).

>7.  At night I use __reflective gear __a flashlight.
Moonlight, if any.  And besides I LIKE doing faceplants.

>8.  Moving into a new age group means __more awards __what's an age group?
What's an award?

>9.  Aid stations should have __water and Gatorade __hamburgers and pizza.
Raw gator and mountain lion meat.

>10.  Awards go on a __shelf  __belt.
They promised me a miniature car filled with gold coins if I won and all I
got was this miniature mining cart filled with gold ore. *

I hope this clears up any confusion I caused while clearing up any previous
confusion that wasn't previously cleared up.

* This actually happened to the Tarahumaras at Leadville.

-- Matt Mahoney,