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Coaching for Ultras with Anil Rao

Looking to reach that next level in running? I am passionate about helping people like you, to reach their peak running potential. Together we will work on building consistent training discipline and achieve Epic goals.

A little about me, I am a UESCA Certified Ultrarunning Coach and currently working on getting Endurance Sports Nutrition Certification. A Veteran Ultrarunner based out of California, US, I have been running for more than 20 years and coaching for more than 3 years for various non-profit organizations. With 100+ Ultras under my belt, I have a wide range of running experience in varying conditions, from improving marathon times by 2 hours to completing many iconic mountain 100s across the US and the world.

Coaching Services

I can help runners like you navigate and achieve their running goals right from marathons to 200-mile ultra-marathons. In addition to that I can support you by helping you build a detailed training schedule, weekly consultation, and guidance with planning your logistics during your Goal event. The experience of being a father to a kid who is homeschooled has taught many aspects of imparting knowledge, the big one…one size doesn’t fit all. Training plan is based on your individual running goals and time commitment.

Contact Info:

For more information about Coaching for Ultras, email me at ANILRAO at gmail.com with subject “Coaching for Ultras” for a introductory call.